The Night Watchman (2016)


After two years in prison by a affair with drugs, Jack Mayfield come backs to his tome together his brother Mike, his wife Alma and his little son Raymond. Looking for a second chance, Jack…

Stars:Matt Horan, Jimmy Shaw, Kimberley Tell, Denis Rafter
Réalisateur:Miguel Ángel Jiménez
Langue:English, et 100% doublée en français
Libéré:29 Jul 2016
Durée: 94 min
Écrivains:Pablo Aramendi (story), Pablo Aramendi, Miguel Ángel Jiménez (screenplay), Miguel Ángel Jiménez (story), Miguel Ángel Jiménez, Luis Moya (original idea), Luis Moya (screenplay), Luis Moya (story), Luis Moya

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