Rattle the Cage (2015)


Trapped in a prison cell (“Zinzana”) in a remote police station, a man named Talal (Saleh Bakri) is tortured by visions of his beloved ex-wife and son as he waits to hear his fate. When …

Stars:Omar Abdulhamid, Abdalla Bu Abed, Ahd, Ali Al-Jabri
Origine:United Arab Emirates, Jordan
Réalisateur:Majid Al Ansari
Langue:Arabic, et 100% doublée en français
Libéré:10 Dec 2015
Durée: 96 min
Écrivains:Majid Alansari (adapted by), Nidal Morra (adapted by), Lane Skye, Ruckus Skye, Rami Yasin (adapted by)

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