Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006)


Kazakh TV talking head Borat is dispatched to the United States to report on the greatest country in the world. With a documentary crew in tow, Borat becomes more interested in locating and marrying Pamela Anderson.

Stars:Sacha Baron Cohen, Ken Davitian, Luenell, Chester
Origine:USA, UK
Réalisateur:Larry Charles
Langue:English, Romanian, Hebrew, Polish, Armenian, et 100% doublée en français
Libéré:03 Nov 2006
Durée: 84 min
Écrivains:Sacha Baron Cohen (screenplay), Anthony Hines (screenplay), Peter Baynham (screenplay), Dan Mazer (screenplay), Sacha Baron Cohen (story), Peter Baynham (story), Anthony Hines (story), Todd Phillips (story), Sacha Baron Cohen (based on a character created by)

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